For your clients, customers, or patients, for your employees and partners, but most importantly for your family, planning an orderly and expedient transition of power and decision-making upon your death or disability arises almost to the level of a moral obligation. These plans are legitimate business expenses and without them, countless otherwise thriving businesses have failed.

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Buy-Sell Agreements outline specific actions that will occur the death, disability, divorce, or insolvency of yourself or your partners. They may specify who will assume decision-making responsibilities when you or a colleague are unable to do so, or they may dictate under what terms your partners will be able to buy out your shares should you pass away. Knowing they will be well provided for gives business partners, family members, clients or customers, insurance companies, and even bank and loan officers peace of mind!

Buy & Sell Agreements


Business Asset Protection

Any person, at any time, can be sued in the United States. For those in high risk jobs and professions such as doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, and real estate developers. We have multiple strategies to ethically safeguard your wealth while allowing you to maintain control and retain tax-advantages


Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Limited Liability Companies shield the members of the company from liability should the company - or any of its employees - sue or get sued. They were specifically created for small businesses to be easier to manage and set up. If you are running any sort of business operations, there is no reason you should not be protecting all of your personal assets with a limited liability shell. Further, use of LLCs, because of their ease of administration, has exploded in use and now many more sophisticated entities are “incorporated” as LLCs including Salem Law!


Family Limited Partnerships / LLCs

A Family Limited Partnership or Family Limited Liability Company is a specialized business or investment vehicle with provisions designed to properly allocate control and ownership of the entity allowing those who should be in charge to be in charge and ensuring those who should benefit, to benefit. Additionally, Family Limited Partnerships and Family Limited Liability Companies can include provisions to ensure ownership stays in the family. Finally, these are popular vehicles, whether for stock, real estate, or other investments or for currently running business enterprises to minimize or eliminate estate taxes.