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Guardianship Responsibilities In North Carolina

Salem Law was founded in 2010. Our firm, led by our attorney Daniel Umlauf, provides legal guidance and support for clients throughout the Winston-Salem community. If you are seeking a guardianship for an adult child or a loved one with special needs, we can help, especially if you need assistance fulfilling your fiduciary duties.

Guardianships For Adults With Special Needs

Sometimes, our loved ones have special needs. The courts in North Carolina want to protect those who need support and cannot manage their affairs on their own.

What Is A Guardianship?

A guardianship is a court proceeding where a judge must examine the evidence and decide and declare whether a person is “able to handle their own affairs” or not. If not, the judge can declare a person to be incompetent rendering them legally unable to make decisions for themselves.

Guardians Have A Fiduciary Responsibility

Once a judge identifies and appoints a guardian, that person becomes then legally responsible for taking care of the health and/or finances of the incapacitated person. They will be required to provide an inventory of every penny that person owns and to file accountings with receipts and documentation at least annually thereafter showing where every penny of the person’s money went.

Our legal team at Salem Law can provide guidance, legal counsel and support for the fiduciary duties of a guardian. If you have been appointed as a guardian and need assistance with your guardianship fiduciary responsibilities, we can help.

Consult A Guardianship Attorney

We offer regular, complimentary informational workshops. Attendees can learn more about the services we provide at these workshops. To find out more information about our guardianship services and support, to join us for a workshop, or to schedule an appointment, call our Winston-Salem office at 336-715-1311 or send us an inquiry through our website.